going above and beyond what is expected to serve our customers.


Z-E constructs and repairs all types and sizes of fence including barb wire, woven wire, post and rail, steel, jackleg, chain link, cedar and vinyl. We strive to build a fence that lasts. We listen to our customers and evaluate their specific needs to determine the best fence to suit their needs.


Z-E can clean up, restore and renew value to your property. Services we offer include old structure demolition, tree removal and brush cleanup, chipping, excess soil removal and screening.


Z-E Fabricates a multitude of Steel agricultural products including Gates, panels, Continuis fence Panels, Feeders, Loading shoots, Cattle guards, Corral Systems and more. Z-E has unique machinery for bending and processing large steel pipe allowing us to make heavy duty products that are unmatched by our competitors.


We are a family owned and operated business based out of our ranch located in Waterloo, Montana.  Z-E was founded on strong Montana values and work ethics which carries through to each project. With our unique experience and abilities, we are able to fully serve our customers and meet their needs by not specializing exclusively in fencing, but by also incorporating a multitude of value adding services to their property.